Course Catalog

Ballroom Standards Class Description

If you’ve always wanted to learn Ballroom Dancing, this is the class for you! DNCE 9500 is designed to be paced at student learning levels and can cover Foxtrot, Waltz, Night Club Two Step, Jitterbug Swing, Hustle, and many more up to and possibly including West Coast Swing if class ability permits. The special focus will be on partnering – Lead and Follow, how to generate it and how to create connection for easy social dancing. We’ll also cover patterns and variation stacking to teach how to generate easy arrangements of moves on the social dance floor to fit whatever music you might be dancing to. Singles and couples welcome, ages 16+ Ballroom dancing shoes are highly recommended, socks are Ok. No non-slip soles will be permitted for safety reasons.

Latin Ballroom Class Description

Get dancing to exciting Latin rhythms in this class covering Salsa, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Bachata and many more! Latin Ballroom is more athletic than standard ballroom dancing, so know before you go and prepare to be up and moving your whole body as we cover the proper techniques to generate natural Latin body movements in our hips and everywhere else. Singles and couples welcome, ages 16+. Ballroom dance shoes are required for this class for safety reasons.