Current Course Schedule

Mid Fall Season (10/8/22-11/27/22)

Creative Movement (DNCE 9311)             Wednesday 3pm-3:30 pm in SC54       Cost:  $54.75

This class will introduce your child to basic motor skills.  The student will learn fun and creative movement.  The class uses props and toys to explore dance.  This is a delightful thirty-minute class filled with activities and dance games.

Beginning Tap & Jazz (DNCE 9188)             Wednesday 5:30pm-6:15 pm in SC54       Cost:  $64.75

This beginners class will introduce various basic tap skills and jazz exercises. We will work on simple combinations in the centre and across the floor. Tap will each the students rhythms with their feet and jazz will get them dancing to the beat.

I’m Two, I’m Terrific (DNCE 9266)             Saturday 10:30am-11:00 am in SC54       Cost:  $54.75  

This class is geared toward two year old’s who need a delightful, thirty-minute class filled with activities and fun games.

Pre-Ballet I (DNCE 9273)                       Saturday 11:00am-11:30 am in SC54       Cost:  $54.75  

Your child will be introduced to the love of moving to music, increasing body/spatial awareness, and balance.  Rhythm and beginning dance techniques will be incorporated using games, props, and other musical activities.

Primary Ballet (DNCE 9306)                   Saturday 11:30am-12:15 pm in SC54       Cost:  $64.75   

This primary ballet class will introduce the young dancer to correct posture and technique, proper ballet vocabulary, short combinations, and beginning character dance.  The goals in this class are to develop the love of movement and gain self-assurance.

Social Ballroom Fast Start (DNCE 9502)          Saturday 7:00 pm-8:00 pm in SC54          Cost: $72.00

Learn essential steps and moves to get ready to attend local dances with ease. Focus is locally danced genres, first-learned moves and turns. Easy beginning with etiquette & how-to so you can attend dance events feeling comfortable enough to join the fun.