2022 Nutcracker Dancing Cast List

2022 Nutcracker: A New Stage and Dance Adaptation

Act I

Ballerina Dolls… Melissa Girardi, Maya Roberts

Soldier Doll…Emily Buhnerkempe

Party Children

Maisey Elven, Lucy Deets, Aubree Himanga, Rachel Jerabek, Charlotte Kaufman, Abigail Walsh

Party Parents….

David Holmlund and Rebekah Bruer; Michael Karunas and Amy Ziettlow

Snow Angels

Blakely Craycraft, Avarie Crutcher, Meredith Dull, Esther Georgas, Addison Himanga, Janie Manning, McKenna Paulson, Kenna Power


Snow Queen…Emily Buhnerkempe

Snowflake Corps…(Back)…Lindsay Craycraft, Molly Fuller, Jillian Hamilton, Ella Himanga

Snowflake Corps…(Front)…Annabelle Cheatham, Amanda Elven, Amy Ziettlow, Jennifer Power

Snowflake Post…Paige Feinstein, Corissa Metcalf, Maya Roberts, Melissa Girardi

Understudies….Lucy Deets, Lainey Kramer, Elizabeth Oost

Act II

Mother Ginger and her Bon Bons

Mother Ginger…TBA

Bon Bons…

Lillian Apa, Blakely Craycraft, Elizabeth Francis, Addison Himanga, Aubree Himanga, Rachel Jerabek, Charlotte Kaufman, Janie Manning, McKenna Paulson, Kenna Power


Spanish Center…Jillian Hamilton

Spanish Corps…  

Annabelle Cheatham Amanda Elven, Ella Himanga,  Lainey Kramer, Elizabeth Oost, Jasperlyn Roberts


Arabian Center…     Lindsay Craycraft

Arabian Handmaidens….Elizabeth Bennett, Maisey Elven, Elizabeth Francis, Rachel Jerabek


Peppermint Center…Amy Ziettlow

Peppermint Corps…

Paige Feinstein, Molly Fuller, Melissa Girardi, Corissa Metcalf, Jennifer Power, Jasperlyn Roberts


Russian Corps…

Lillian Apa, Elizabeth Bennett, Blakely Craycraft, Elizabeth Francis, Addison Himanga, Michael Kruley, Janie Manning, McKenna Paulson, Kenna Power, Abigail Walsh

Russian Leads: Lucy Deets, Charlotte Kaufman, Lainey Kramer, Elizabeth Oost


Paige Feinstein


Chinese Center…Jennifer Power

Chinese Corps .. (Front)…

Lillian Apa, Maisey Elven, Aubree Himanga, Charlotte Kaufman, Rachel Jerabek, Abigail Walsh

Chinese Corps…(Back).. Lindsey Craycraft, Amanda Elven

Waltz of the Flowers

Gumdrop…Corissa Metcalf


Annabelle Cheatham, Lucy Deets, Aubree Himanga, Ella Himanga, Lainey Kramer, Elizabeth Oost

Flowers… Outside…Molly Fuller, Jillian Hamilton, Jasperlyn Roberts, Amy Ziettlow

Sugar Plum

            Maya Roberts



            We cannot rehearse soloists/centers during the corps rehearsal time. These dancers will have to make an appointment with Melissa/Nancy to learn their dances.  (Nancy 217-429-4764)